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AV Tech Advancements in Board Room Technology

As companies continue to prioritize collaboration, flexibility, staff well-being and technology for audiovisual will continue to play a vital role in meeting rooms. Many companies already use conference room technology such as digital whiteboards for communicating between team members.

If your workplace requires an easy wireless presentation solution or an immersive videoconferencing system that’s 4K There’s plenty of AV tech to make your next office change to be a success. In the coming years we’ll see new developments in the technology used to create meeting rooms such as wireless presentations interactive displays, as well as enhanced security.

You no longer need to rely on heavy integrated systems that require expensive infrastructure upgrade. Plug-and-play speakers, such as the Nureva HDL-300 can be used to create a great sound experience and block distracting background sounds during meetings, while not harming the current office technology.

For larger rooms smart windows that adjust the transparency of glass can help ensure that everyone in the room is able to clearly see a presentation or videoconference. Glass Apps Smart Film allows users to create smart windows that can be turned on and switched off during meetings.

As the world is becoming more connected, streamlined videoconferencing technology will enable team members to communicate as if they’re all in the same room. The latest videoconferencing systems have a high-definition cameras, advanced audio and intelligent processing algorithms to provide a realistic, seamless experience.

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