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Best Virtual Data Room Solutions for Startups

A virtual data room can be an ideal option to share files with security when you are conducting due diligence or sensitive business transactions such as M&A. The right virtual data room can make or break a deal and build trust between stakeholders and investors. Not all VDRs, however, are made equal. Some VDRs are more intuitive and offer better security and integrations than others. To help you select the best virtual data room solution for your business we’ve put together this list of 20 of the most innovative options available on the market today.

Portalstack is the top contender in this list of virtual data room options. It’s a straightforward cloud platform that’s inexpensive and has an easy-to use interface for sharing files. It’s ideal for startups that need a simple way to share files quickly with investors in the future. Portalstack provides workflow management and an e-signature feature to streamline the due diligence process.

Another excellent option for startups, Intralinks is a premium sell-side VDR that blends a rigorous security with effortless collaboration. Its intelligent features include our website AI document categorization, redaction and more granular access rights. Intralinks provides mobile access to give you the ultimate flexibility as well as 24-hour customer support.

This top-rated virtual room is a robust document management and project management tool that puts security at the heart of its operation. Its main features include a single interface, document management, tagging, and a powerful, folder-based searching function. Users are granted access to a variety of permissions for viewing documents, printing and downloading administrators also have the power to instantly remove access to users, even in the event that they’ve already downloaded documents to their devices.

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