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Board Meeting Rules – 7 of the Most Important Rules for a Successful Board Meeting

In the world of board meetings there are a lot of rules. This is good as it guarantees that the discussions are productive and fair. However, the number of rules can get overwhelming, especially for the new chair or even the experienced one. In this article, we will look at seven of the most important board meeting rules that are crucial to achieving constructive dialogue and achieving results.

Rule 1 Rule 1: The order of precedence has to be followed.

The chairperson of the board should ensure that the discussion is focused on the topics on their agenda. Each member is accountable to listen and respect the opinions of other members. To speak members must notify the chairperson by raising their hands or standing. The chairperson will then permit the member to express their opinion. The chairperson must also follow Robert’s Rules of Order when deciding which motions are more important and how to recognize them (e.g., by raising your hand or by asking permission).

Rule 2: One item at a time is discussed.

Distracted by new issues, board meetings will consume valuable time and divert attention away from the most important my response issues. To prevent this from happening the board’s leader can include an “parking area” at the end of the meeting where they can focus on important topics that aren’t top priority. The board member can agree to revisit the parking lot and assess whether these topics should be added to the agenda for the next meeting, moved to another meeting, or assigned as an item.

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