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Fun European Wedding Tradition

Over time, wedding ceremonies have largely managed to adhere to some framework that is quite universal generally in most places. However, each society has its own traditions that are exclusive to them Some of these enjoyment german wedding tradition may look a little bit silly to non- locals, but they genuinely carry meaning for the couple and their family and friends.

The tradition of the wife- snoring is a common one around eastern Europe, it is largely where close friends of the bridegroom will”kidnap” the wedding during the party and take her somewhere else( mostly to a bar or club ). They will then contact the man to desire a compensation which he will have to go from restaurant to bar to spend until they release the bride. This is meant to teach the bridegroom that his wife will not be a wuss and that he should be strong enough to stand up for what he wants in his living.

In France, newlyweds american girls french does generally drink dark beverage from the same drink during their reception. This is a symbol of sharing their lives together and avoiding quarrels.

The Welsh also have a pretty small tradition of giving their brides carved spoons, called lovespoons, decorated with tips and beads that represent the key to their soul. This is to ensure that the couple are not just romantic but true to each other throughout their marriage. In Greece, three days before a wedding, the couple will have a krevati ceremony where friends and family come over to their home and pin money on their mattress in a sign of good fortune.

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