Andréa Sumé

How Business Data Solutions Can Empower Small Businesses

Smaller companies are able to benefit from business data solutions. They can better market to their customers, design products more efficiently, boost sales, streamline operations and cut costs. To reap the maximum benefit of these tools, your company will require the capability of finding, storing and analysis of data.

The most important thing is having the appropriate business intelligence (BI) solution in place to help you discover important patterns and trends in vast amounts of data and present it to decision-makers in a format that’s both easily digestible and actionable. The most effective BI solutions will offer an array of tools for data access, refinement and storage that can automate a large portion of the analysis and mining of data that usually requires highly skilled and well-trained analysts or data scientists.

A reliable data solutions agency will also be able to connect a company’s existing databases with the latest technologies and systems. For instance, many businesses begin with one database technology but encounter scalability issues as they expand, so an agency for data solutions may help them decouple these “tangled” services to free up bandwidth for application and avoid bottlenecks in the future.

It is also important to consider how the data solutions company safeguards and secures sensitive data from customers, employees and companies. Check out the security policies, and if they comply with industry guidelines and standards on data privacy and compliance.

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