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VDR for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major issue for VDR providers as well as their clients, due to the highly sensitive nature of information in M&A transactions, pre-IPO due reviews of due diligence, restructuring or bankruptcy. Audits, intellectual property, fundraising efforts etc. Unauthorized disclosure or access can have serious financial consequences. VDR for security features must include strong password and username controls and encryption that is end-to-end, as well as tamper-ev design and deterrence tools like document watermarking, which can deter uninvited printing or downloading of sensitive documents.

VDRs can assist in the forensic investigation of security incidents by providing detailed audit trails and user activities. These records can aid investigators understand the scope, cause and impact of the breach. They can also provide insights into weaknesses in data security procedures, allowing organizations to take corrective action before the next incident occurs.

In addition to ensuring the VDR is protected, it is important to ensure that users do not override recordings using other data (such as backups). A feature that allows users who are on the board to mark the recording could be added as an optional feature. This marker would be a separate record that is not saved with the original recording. This would ensure the integrity of the recorded data. As an alternative, the requirement that users manually save recordings could be removed and replaced by the requirement that data be saved using a password or another secure measure.

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