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What is Document Management?

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Document management is a group of technologies, processes and tools that capture, store and manage documents in an organization. This includes the management of the documents’ content (data) that makes up these documents, as well as the metadata that describes them.

The implementation of a document management system involves planning, training and purchasing the right software. It involves assessing existing workflows and identifying areas where they could be enhanced to make them more effective.

A document manager is a tool that assists an organization document, classify and organize information in a way that employees can easily access it. It can be used to organize and manage a variety of types of documents like standard operating procedures (SOPs) invoices, contracts, certificates and contracts spreadsheets, emails, and invoices.

It’s important to notify all stakeholders and give them the chance to look over the document before it is approved. Document management systems can be helpful with this: They provide an integrated platform for sharing comments and suggestions, removing the need for lengthy emails. Stakeholders can then leave comments on specific issues such as marketing compliance language, tone spelling, and much more.

Once the document has been reviewed and approved and approved, it can be uploaded to the appropriate database and made available for all internal stakeholders to access. Document management systems may automatically notify all stakeholders when the document is uploaded.

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