Andréa Sumé

Information Technologies

Information technology (ITs) are computers and telecommunications systems that enable us to exchange information, store and process data. They include the software and hardware that allow us to connect with others via messages via e-mail or instant messaging as well as track the investments of your online bank account or spreadsheets, engage in hobbies like gardening or genealogy with specialized graphing or word processing applications search for medical information or research school or job prospects over the World Wide Web, and much more.

The technology allows people to quickly access and organize huge quantities of data, which result in higher efficiency. It permits the analysis of massive amounts of data and allows for decisions to be taken at a much faster pace.

Increasingly, the business world requires technology to operate. It can help an organization manage employee attendance and time. It is able to automate tasks that were previously performed by hand or a human touch. It can also be used to track inventory and provide real-time service to customers.

The latest technologies in information technology usually require a steep learning curve for users to master. A lot of IT careers are focused on the development maintenance and support of these systems. Information security analysts oversee cybersecurity, computer support specialists provide technical assistance to users and network administrators create and maintain communications networks, such as the LAN and WAN.

To fully participate in society, people need address to understand information technology. Understanding how information is displayed on a personal website can help citizens understand the benefits and risks of allowing the public access private information, such as credit card transactions or photos of family members. They will also have a better understanding of issues pertaining to policy, such as freedom of expression and sexual exploitation on the Internet.

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