Andréa Sumé

Legal Issues to Consider When Sharing Business Data

Imagine that you’re lost in the jungle and your team members have different kinds of skills. By sharing resources and expertise you’ll be able survive and even thrive in the wild. Business is no different. With the right strategy, companies of any size can gain new insights and perspectives, identify untapped opportunities, and have a huge success thanks to data-powered collaboration.

Data sharing is an essential process in almost every industry. It can encourage innovation as well as improve customer service and boost competitive advantage. However, it’s not without its risks and pitfalls.

Companies should be aware of some potential legal issues to consider when creating their data-sharing procedures and policies. These issues can impact the reputation, compliance, and profitability–and they require careful monitoring and attention.

The first step is to create clear and enforceable data-sharing agreements and contracts with all stakeholders and data partners. Then, organizations need to communicate and work closely with them to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the data that will be shared and how, and to deal with any concerns or issues.

It’s also essential to establish robust data management and security measures to secure sensitive and confidential information. These include encryption, authorization and authentication methods to safeguard against unauthorized access or disclosure; data anonymization, pseudonymization, and aggregation techniques to reduce the sensitivity of data and make it more difficult to identify and data analytics and tools for governance to monitor and control access to data and its usage.

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